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Mels brushes has moved

August 8, 2008

Please go to

from now on – this is my last post here as I’ve moved over to a new site.

New look, new resources, although all the resources from here are also on the new site.. see you over there!


New brushes soon

July 30, 2008

I realise its been quiet here for a while. Its been a busy month of work and play, including a computer death/crash/meltdown which set me back quite a bit. New and gorgeous brush sets on the way. Meanwhile take a look at this video I recently worked on for the new book The Fame Formula by Mark Borkowski (its a very good read).


I’m away until 1st July

June 24, 2008

Apologies if i don’t answer any emails for the coming week. I’m heading off to work at Glastonbury festival today and won’t be back until Tuesday next week. Be assured that any questions and queries will be answered then!


New VJ mix

June 4, 2008

Getting ready for Glastonbury festival – I’m VJing in The Rabbit Hole tent. Just finished these psychedelic loops today, and thought I’d chuck them up on here as a change from all the photoshop brushes! Shame about the terrible youtube quality, but…enjoy..


Photofiltre – Nozzles

May 10, 2008

Ok, so I was looking around for a simple graphics program for my son to use, and cames across this amazing software called Photofiltre Studio. It has many of the features of Photoshop, such as layers, brushes etc, and has a very nice clean user friendly interface. Plus its only 29 Euros – a bargain!

Download a 30 day trial of it here – its only 7.5mb (its a .exe file)

One of the features I liked are the ‘Nozzles’. They’re basically full colour image stamps, and you can either spray them in a line, or stamp them individually. So.. looking at the program files nozzles folder I found that each Nozzle set is just a PNG with the images evenly spaced in a strip. Same witht he brush sets. So.. i had to have a go at making my own. Here are the results to check out. Right-click the image and ‘save as’ to download, then put them into your photofiltre Nozzles folder. There are 3 Nozzle sets in the zip pack, and each image is about 175pixels across. The limitation is lack of control of the size when using the nozzles, you can change it but only by setting them at 25%, 50% and so on.

Alternatively, you can just use these PNGs in any other graphics program.


Join me on Twitter!

May 9, 2008

I’ve just joined the world of Twitter

The latest ‘social networking’ site. Its a bit like the bit at the top of facebook which says “what are you doing right now?” except you can communicate back and forth more easily. Not quite got the hang of it yet – but i love the idea of keeping in touch with people, especially my visitors here!

Come and check it out and ‘follow’ me here!


Hometown Supersound

April 25, 2008

While you’re here..
Check out the newly released album and website from UK band Hometown Supersound. Its a feel-good mix of dub/electronica/jump up ska – great summer listening. I’ve just completed the CD artwork, website and myspace and pretty pleased with the results..