Illustrator Brushes

Premium brush sets for Illustrator CS2 and above. Each set costs £5, via paypal, and they are free of any licensing restrictions, so you may use them as you wish for any purpose.

Tree Maker set

Huge set of versatile Illustrator brushes. Click on the image for more info. Also you can get an idea of the type of effects you can achieve with this set by downloading the ‘Tropical’ set for photoshop (here)



Hairy brushes set

NOTE – This set temporarily unavailable. Sorry – I’ll be fixing it soon!

Click on the image for more details

hairy brushes


Christmas set – free!

Here’s a Christmas freebie for Illustrator users.. A large set of brushes and ‘body parts’ for you to build your own christmas graphics. Good fun – especially when you bend the snowmen and elves round corners!

Christmas AI set

Here are the thumbnails of the set.. To download, right-click on the image below and ‘save target as’. (saves my bandwith thank you!)

Christmas AI thumbs


More Christmas fare.. A little set of super smooth emperor penguins for illustrator. Right-click image and ’save target as’ to download. You may have to change the filetype to .ai in order to save them properly.PenguinsCC Non-commercialNo commercial use


  1. love most of your work mel, keep the good work up 🙂

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