Installing and Using the Brushes

1. Download the brush file (it ends in .abr) to your brushes folder. You should find it in
My Computer > Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Brushes

2. To use the brushes…
Start up Photoshop. Make a new image to test out the brushes (File > New..). Click on the brush icon in the tool bar on the left (fig 1. below). Now, in the toolbar along the top, click on the drop down brush menu (fig 2.).

Screenshot 1

3. On the dropdown menu that appears, click on the arrow (fig 3. below), then choose the brush set from the list that appears.

Screenshot 2

The brush set you selected will now be ready to use. Thats it. Now you can test out the brush set.

All of my brushes are created in photoshop 7 on a PC. They’ll work in all later versions too. If you have an earlier version of photoshop and would like to use these brushes you can convert them using the excellent ABR viewer.


  1. I would like to use your swirls and seeds brushes for a valentine postcard for my school.
    Thank you for your prompt attention.

  2. I use an apple mac. would these still install if i don’t have a p.c?

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