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I’m from Gloucestershire, UK. I work as a graphic designer, art workshop leader and video artist – you can see some my VJ mixes here. This blog is a busy but enjoyable sideline.

I began putting sets of photoshop brushes which i had produced during various personal design projects on deviant art a couple of years ago. They proved so popular that I thought i’d make a one-stop place to view and download the sets, and also to provide a few beginners tutorials. As time’s gone by i’ve added more than just brushes – patterns, vectors – i’ll have to change the name of this blog before long!

You can contact me at melrodicq@hotmail.com, for more info, brush licenses or any other design related requests or questions. I always try to reply to email enquiries by the end of the next working day. My usual working hours are 9am – 3pm GMT Monday to Friday.

I’ll be adding new resources regularly – so check back from time to time!


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  1. Hey Mel! Beautiful Brushes you have! If you’re looking to get some increased exposure, feel free to submit a few of them to Brusheezy. Keep up the great work!


  2. thank you so much for these wonderful wonderful brushes! i am quite new with illustrator but these really made the school posters i make look like done by a pro. hehe, well, at least to my schoolmates, that is… again, thanks a bunch! looking forward to more of your works. =)

  3. You have absolutely amazing brushes.

    Im trying to start up a clothing company so I can make clothes that I wanna see. Not the same ol abercrombie stuff.

    But stuff thats different.

    Could you possibly help by giving me permission to use your brushes, specifically the vector stalks one.

    It would be most greatly appreciated.

    Sam Gattin.

  4. I would like permission to use your Swirls and Seeds photoshop brushes in a background for my website and myspace pages. They’re beautiful! (Pretty please!?)


  6. hello from greece.i want to know something.i download some of your bruses through devian art.even that i do not want to use it for money profits i feel that i have to pay for them.i love your brushes stile.i want to have the vector style stalks 1 and 2, the vector hearts and the sells.also i want you to tell me about your premiums set i want the swirls and seeds the scrimble stalks and the vector stalks.i am a profesional photographer.i will have a site with bludomain in a few weeks.i want them for now for blog photos and maybe in childrens photos.but maybe one day i will use them for something more.your desings are so clean and stylish.thank you again from greece.please email me to know how can i send you payment through pay pal or something else.if iwill not take them all right now i will arange to pay you and download some of the sets and maybe the next month i will have the rest of the sets.thank you yiannis.

  7. Absolutely wonderful! thank you!

  8. Hi there,

    I have a tiny stationery company and would like to use your swirls and perhaps some other sets for designs on my stationery sets. How do I get permission from you to use these?


  9. Hi molly. Ive just emailed you

  10. Hello ,

    At first sorry for my english.

    i am an german girl and i am in a dance group -called Les Copains De Danse. http://www.lcdd.de

    I will create a new WEBsite for the group. I wanna ask you if it is able to use your brushes for the design.

    I like your brushes and i would be very happen if i could get your accreditation to use the brushes on this side.

    Please give me some information.

    Nice Greetings

    Katharina Hentschel (my own website http://www.pakalou.de)

  11. Hey Mel,
    Is there anyway i could use your brushes for commercial purposes ??? I used the stalks brush (the women on sticks), i noticed to late that they’re not for commercial use and now my customer wants them with no alternative :(. Would maybe a paypal donation help this problem ?

    Greetings Xayo

  12. Hi Mel, very very nice bruches !
    Great work !


  13. hi
    your brushes are cool. can i please use them for making bebo skins.


  14. Hi Hayley,
    I dont know what bebo skins are, but so long as it’s non commercial use, and you credit (link back here) me if possible then that’s fine. Read the terms of use page if you are unsure. hope this helps!

  15. Hello Mel! My name is Corey, and i’m into drawing animals in Illustrator. I spotted your Hairy Brush Set for Illustrator’ and I am in love. Can you tell me about your permissions for usage and/or if you are willing to let other artists use? The link did bring me to a download page. Many thanks!

  16. Hi Mel, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful brushes! I especially love both of the stalks ones!
    Thanks again!

  17. mel,

    nice brushes. do they work with illustrator cs3?


  18. Hi! I was looking through your page. Awesome stuff!

    I’m creating my own web business and I was wondering if you’d be willing to let me have a link to your page, and you mine?

    Thanks for your time.

  19. hi.
    ive downloaded few brushes from ur design n they all are awesome!
    how to give credit to site which we have downloaded the brushes?
    is it just a thank you comment or there are specific ways?
    i just use them to edit my photos n post it on myspace
    i hope to use those brushes legally.

  20. if your are interested that you changing links ?
    send me an E-Mail

  21. Как душевно рассписано: навеяло слова из centr – “Спаси и сохрани меня и все мою семью!”. Спасибо.

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