New VJ mix

June 4, 2008

Getting ready for Glastonbury festival – I’m VJing in The Rabbit Hole tent. Just finished these psychedelic loops today, and thought I’d chuck them up on here as a change from all the photoshop brushes! Shame about the terrible youtube quality, but…enjoy..


  1. Cool video. hope your gig goes well.

  2. Thanks! So long as its not too wet again…

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  4. VJs are so useless people. I mean they are changing screen savers for living. For fuck sake!

  5. hey guy,
    for videos like this i would recommend you
    http://vimeo.com/ its a pretty nice youtube competitor where you can share you vids in HD qualitiy if you would…take a look 😉

  6. What program do you use to create these?

  7. i’ve downloaded some of your preset brushes. thanks! they are great!

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