Show me how you’ve used the brushes!

January 24, 2008

I’d love to see how you have used the brushes. Send me a link of an image or design you’ve made and I’ll feature the best on a page here with your name and a link.

In true Blue Peter style, here’s some that were made earlier…

Kafka 2 by Lilioum

Kafka 2 by Mary (Lilioum on Deviant Art), using the Vector Stalks Set – you can see more of her work here

by Nathaniel

This ones by Nathaniel, using the swirls and seeds (click on the images for a larger view)

My Heart by Ruxandra

by Ruxandra, again using the swirls and seeds set.

Summer Bright by Amanda

Summer Bright wallpaper using Vector Stalks 2 by Amanda


One comment

  1. hello, I just want to say that I used your brushes (Vector Style Stalks) in this picture : http://poisonheart555.deviantart.com/art/Audrey-Kitching-87012135 thanx so much for great brushes!!!

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