Make your own brushes

January 21, 2008

Its pretty simple to make your own brush sets. Here a quick tutorial.

1. Open a new blank image with a white or transparent background.
2. Design your brush. This can be hand-drawn, a photo, a scan –
basically anything.
I made a simple circular image
.New brush design
3. Now go to Edit > Define Brush, and click OK.4. Select the brush tool,
and click on the dropdown brush menu (across the top toolbar). Scroll
down through the brushes and you will see your brush at the bottom
ready to use.
New brush example
5. Thats pretty much it, though you now have to save the brush you’ve made.
1. You need to save the brush you’ve just made on its own. So delete all the others that you didnt make..
Hovering over a brush thumbnail, press alt and you will see a pair of scissors appear. Click to delete the brush.
2. Now you have to go through and delete all the other brushes
except the one you made.
Just one brush left
3. Now you can save this brush on its own, ready to use next time you want it.
Just go to the little arrow on the right and select ’save brushes’. Name your file
and hit save.
save brushes4. Of course you can keep going and make more brushes to add to the set.
You just have to save over the same filename each time you add a new brush.
I find myself switching between the default photoshop brushes and loading my
brush sets in order to create new ones. Slightly fiddly but worth it so you can
keep a store of images as brushes to use regularly.


Make one brush and save it on its own ( i use my ’signature brush’ –
you’ll see it at the top of each of my brush sets). This saves you doing step 2.
above and having to delete all the other brushes every time you create a new set.

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