Hairy Brush set for Illustrator

January 14, 2008

NOTE – This set temporarily unavailable. Ill be fixing it soon!

This set is for Adobe Illustrator. 12 brushes in the set. For those of you that have never tried Illustrator, the brushes work very differently from Photoshop. Instead of being static ‘stamps’, they follow the movement and curve of your stroke as you draw, which makes them very versatile. To download a trial copy of Illustrator go to Adobes site here

Click on the image for more details on this set.

hairy brushes


  1. These are a lot more useful than you’d think! Ivehad fun playing with them… 😉 Thanks for making them available

  2. question? I probably know the answer to this already but, can these brushes be converted into photoshop brushes. I know a little bit about Illustrator and hoping to be more efficient in it one day… Thanks for the advice!

  3. Hi Dahlia,
    Yes they can easily be made into photoshop brushes. In fact i make a lot of my PS brushes that way. First, open a new document in illustrator. Use the brushes to draw the design you want, then just select and copy that design, and paste it (either as pixels or a path – you get a choice) into photoshop. Resize it, then go to edit>define brush, et voila! You can also make custom shapes in photoshop that way too. If you get stuck feel free to ask more

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