Penguin Illustrator Brushes – free

December 7, 2007

More winter fare.. A little set of super smooth emperor penguins for illustrator. Right-click image and ‘save target as’ to download. You may have to change the filetype to .ai in order to save them properly. Dont forget to put this file in your Illustrator presets>brushes folder – it won’t work if you open it directly in illustrator.


CC Non-commercialNo commercial use


  1. Just wanted to say that your stupid penguin vector DOES NOT WORK. If it does download properly, all there is when you open the ai file is an empty canvas. Thanks a lot, you may want to make sure your images work before you post them.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that the stupid brushes don’t work. i’ll be sure to fix them for you.. I assume you installed them properly into your illustrator brushes folder and didnt just open them in Illustrator?

  3. xD im pro i love you all

  4. Pretty Pinguins does not work , please repair it for us also. We very like pinguins and your pinguins are so excited!!!!!.

  5. Its fixed. very exciting!

  6. Worked great for me! That were perfect for my daughter’s book report this spring.

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